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Receive up to $1,000 as a ‘Thank You’ when a healthcare provider you refer works 20 days or 160 hours for Pacific Companies*. 

Pacific Companies’ Refer to Earn program aims to reward providers for referring colleagues (“Contractors”) for locum tenens work with Pacific Companies. Each qualified referral will be rewarded up to a $1,000 bonus following 160 hours or 20 days (whichever occurs first) of work completed within a 12-month period. Fill out the form below to get started. See the fine print included below*. 

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Referral Program Overview

Referral Bonus Eligibility

Qualified/eligible referrals must meet both of the following criteria: 


  1. The Contractor referred to the  Refer to Earn Program must not have been “presented” to any client/facility by Pacific Companies for any assignment in the last twelve (12) months. This includes either locum tenens or permanent assignments. These Contractors/Candidates are considered active for the purposes of the  Refer to Earn Program and therefore ineligible for a bonus.


  2.  The Contractor referred to the  Refer to Earn Program must complete 160 hours or 20 days (whichever occurs first) within 12-months from the date of referral. 

Referrals will be earned as long as: 


  1. The Referring Party must complete the online Refer to Earn form prior to the candidate being presented to a client facility, and the Referred Contractor must confirm that he/she was referred by that Referring Party 

    – OR – 

  1. The Contractor informs Pacific Companies that the Referring Party made the referral 
  2. If multiple parties refer the same provider, the eligible Referring Party will be determined by the Referred Contractor specifying the sole referring party in writing 
  3. A Contractor may be referred by only one Referring Party and once referred is no longer eligible for subsequent referrals. 
  1. The Referring Party must submit a completed W-9 within 1 month after the qualifying assignment is completed in order to receive payment. 
  2. All hours/days, once completed, must be confirmed and approved by PCI Client. The Bonus will then be processed within 60 days. 
  3. All applicable local, state, and federal taxes are the sole responsibility of the Referring Party in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.  The full value of the Bonus will be reported to the IRS using the 1099 form. 
  4. Pacific Companies at its sole discretion determines how a bonus will be remitted, either by check or EFT. 
  5. An eligible referral Bonus for a physician Contractor with a Doctor of Medicine degree is $1,000; the Bonus amount for a Contractor without a Doctor of Medicine degree is $500. 
  1. Pacific Companies reserves the right to disqualify a Referring Party for fraud or for violations of the Terms and Conditions herein or, at Pacific Companies’ sole discretion.
  2. Pacific Companies accepts no liability for any damages arising out of or in connection with this offer. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect, or consequential damages; loss of data, income, or profit; loss of or damage to property; and claims of third parties.
  3. The Referring Party certifies that the Contractor referred to Pacific Companies is neither active duty military or an employee of the Federal government.
  4. Pacific Companies sets no limit to the number of referrals from a Referring Party eligible for Bonuses subject to Terms and Conditions contained herein.
  5. Pacific Companies reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions and/or end the Program at any time without notice.

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