Influential Healthcare Leaders

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Influential Healthcare Leaders


To Pacific Companies, an influential leader is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty to create positive change.  They are passionate, committed, selfless and trustworthy influencers that have a profound impact on an industry, organization or a cause. When it comes to Healthcare, these leaders are the ones who have a strong sense of responsibility towards the development of the healthcare sector. These leaders are good communicators and they consider patient service as their primary responsibility. 

They provide their services not merely for earning money; in fact, helping patients and curing their illness always remains their prime concern.

These healthcare leaders always treat their colleagues and patients with respect and sympathy.  They always maintain a healthy working environment and promote unity and cooperation among their colleagues. 

We wanted to take a moment to highlight healthcare industry leaders, who we at Pacific Companies, have the pleasure of working with the organizations they lead. These individuals work behind the scenes and are sometimes overlooked. Although there are so many incredible leaders in healthcare at the moment, here are a few that caught our eye. 

Lloyd H. Dean Pres/CEO, Dignity Health

Lloyd is a nationally recognized leader within and beyond the field of health care. He is President/CEO of Dignity Health, one of the nation’s largest health care systems that provides care across a 22-state network with approximately 9,000 physicians, and 62,000 employees.

As President/CEO, Dean is responsible for management, strategic direction and governance of Dignity Health, including $17 billion in assets. During his 17-year tenure with the organization, he has overseen its transformation into one of the largest health care systems in the nation, recognized for excellence in high quality, compassionate care, and operational excellence.

Wael Barsoum MD, Pres/CEO, Cleveland Clinic Florida, Weston Fl

One day he’s doing a hip replacement in Weston. The next, it might be a knee in Cleveland. A year into his job, Dr. Wael Barsoum keeps a frenetic schedule as head of Cleveland Clinic Florida. He has kept his orthopedic surgery practice and extensive patent research at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus in Ohio while taking over as president of the clinic’s operations in Florida. In all, 3,000 employees answer to Barsoum, 45, at Cleveland Clinic’s growing Weston hospital and the West Palm Beach facilities. Barsoum has already overseen a $90 million addition to the Weston campus and is looking to expand his own orthopedic practice here — while flying to Cleveland about once a month to perform primarily knee surgeries. “If you are passionate, you make the time,” Barsoum said. He’s the only hospital CEO in South Florida who commutes to another job out of state, said Linda Quick, president of the South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association. “He’s a very impressive man; Cleveland Clinic is fortunate to have him,” Quick said, adding, “But I wouldn’t want to have his schedule.” Barsoum thrives on being busy, said his wife, Michelle Barsoum. “He gets that adrenaline rush,” she said.

He’s a pilot, boater and a guitarist and singer in a rock band called Skin and Bones that plays mostly for charity events, she said. The doctor, whose family is from Egypt, also volunteers to go to Africa at least once a year on medical missions for his Coptic Orthodox Christian denomination.

Dr. Rick Gilfillan, Pres/CEO of Trinity Health and Task Force Chair of Health Care Transformation Task Force

Gilfillan is the Task Force Chair of the Health Care Transformation Task Force, an organization that aligns healthcare’s private and public sector with the goal of transforming the entire system of healthcare. Since 2013, he has also been the CEO and president of the not-for-profit health company Trinity Health, which “serves communities in 22 states with 93 hospitals, 120 continuing care facilities, and home health and hospice programs that provide more than 2.5 million visits annually,” according to the company’s website. Dr. Gilfillan also launched the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation in 2010 and served as its first director, working with healthcare providers to “develop innovative models for improving patient care and reducing costs.”

Daryl Tol Pres/CEO Florida Hospital | Pres/CEO of AHS Central Florida Region

He began his service at Portland Adventist Medical Center. Then, starting in 2000, he served in progressive leadership positions with Florida Hospital Memorial Systems, Florida Hospital Flagler, and Florida Hospital DeLand. Daryl became President of the Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler Market in 2010 and added the role of President/CEO at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center in early 2012. Daryl helped Florida Hospital receive $1.5 million dollars in grants, and spearheaded working with five local community organizations to create a new program that work towards improving care navigation and coordination after patients leave the hospital. That includes everything from a church’s food cooperative to setting up community workshops that assist patients with chronic disease management.  Daryl is recognized as a go getter and is extremely passionate about not only improving hospital care, but also creating opportunities for patient post hospital care and support.

We have been inspired by the examples of these individuals who work tirelessly to bring their knowledge, talent, and passion to take healthcare leadership and management to the next level. 

If you have any questions on how to set your healthcare facility apart from the rest, call us any time and we will share some ideas with you.

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