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The Impact of Physician Vacancy

  Having a physician vacancy is no longer a viable option for healthcare organizations, yet many find themselves facing gaps in coverage and are paying the price. Turnover is an inevitable occurrence in the healthcare industry. At some point, all practices… Read more »

Introducing The Doc Lounge Podcast

  Introducing the Pacific Companies Doc Lounge Podcast Pacific Companies is excited to announce their first ever podcast series! Pacific Companies is no stranger to the healthcare industry. With over 18 years as one of the nation’s top physician recruitment… Read more »

Community/practice profile

We were recently asked by a physician about what is a “community/practice profile” and why do we do this. Community/practice profile. The conducting of a community/practice profile is perhaps the single most important ingredient to our success as permanent physician… Read more »

Quantifying the Need

I am frequently asked by physicians, administrators and my colleagues on what is the best way to quantify the need for an additional physician. There is not a one size fits all when trying to determine the need for bringing… Read more »