The On-Site Interview

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The On-Site Interview

Although the phone interview is very important, we believe the on-sight interview is the most crucial part of the interview process. This is your chance to shine as an organization and put yourself in the position to say “yes” or “no” to the candidate. Too often, clients go into the interview looking for reasons to say “no”, which immediately sets the tone for the interview.  Cutting corners and treating the candidate like they are just another number in the process will only lower your chances of a qualified candidate accepting your position and increase the chances of the candidate relaying negative impressions to their colleagues about your organization. Those who can demonstrate visionary leadership as a healthcare organization will be highly regarded and thus, highly coveted. At Pacific Companies, we have worked hand in hand with a variety of onsite interview processes. The clients who have had the most successes have shared with us a defined commonality that we would like to share today. Overall, you want the candidate to be on the airplane home, thinking “wow, what an incredible opportunity!” and envisioning a new life with your organization. These tips can help elevate your interview process and help you stand out from the rest in the war for talent.

  1. Send your candidate a detailed map and itinerary for their interview process; with whom they will meet, times, locations, etc… This gives them more confidence and peace of mind. Don’t just assume the candidate will know where to park the car, or which building and room the interview will be held.  Details matter!
  2. Make sure everyone involved in the interview process is well aware of the candidate’s arrival beforehand. Pick your interview team wisely; don’t include anyone who is reluctant to be a part of the interview process or will give the candidate a negative impression.
  3. Prepare for contingencies: travel delays, meeting delays, etc.… Make sure you have back-up plans in place for all sorts of situations.
  4. Stick to a set of interview questions that can be used for each candidate; this way the interview process will be consistent, and each candidate can be evaluated equally.
  5. Create a formal process for interview review so that you have a refined decision-making process. How do you measure success?
  6. Create an opportunity to get to know the candidate on a personal level, whether by taking them out to dinner or by scheduling an activity in the community they enjoy.
  7. Go ‘over and beyond’ by meeting the candidate at the airport and/or leaving a gift basket in the hotel room welcoming them; that extra step will give them a real sense that you appreciate their taking time coming out to meet with your organization.
  8. Schedule a talented, personable and well-versed realtor to give the candidate a tour of the community, focusing more on creating a positive experience of the community rather than trying to sell them a house.
  9. Finally, follow-through is key! Make sure to express your appreciation to the candidate for coming and give them an established time in which you will present them with a decision. The sooner the better.

These on-sight interview tips only scratch the surface of all that leads to successful results. To find more ideas and tips, contact us at Pacific Companies anytime! It’s never too late to refine your processes and evolve with the times. Your organization can be at the forefront of the healthcare industry and attract all of the top talent. All you have to do is be open-minded to improvement and create ‘left of center’ ideas that will set you apart from the rest.








If you have any questions on how to set your healthcare facility apart from the rest, call us any time and we will share some ideas with you.

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