PC Employee Education Program. Our Innovated Approach Towards Physician Recruitment.

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PC Employee Education Program. Our Innovated Approach Towards Physician Recruitment.


Just because a physician completed their training, and became board certified, does not mean they stop training. It’s just the beginning of lifelong professional learning, where every day brings the physician another patient, or procedure to constantly apply and refine their skills. Annual CME conferences led by cutting edge physicians, allow you to benefit in your delivery of patient care. This also applies to your Pacific Companies team.

Like all great organizations, Pacific Companies, has a well-defined training program to keep sharpening the skills sets of our staff in locums, permanent, and business development. We bring in nationally known experts in immigration law, contract law, malpractice insurance, and sales education to assist our staff in their growth. We attend conferences to develop relationships within our industry, that expose us to different perspectives, all to allow us to bring this information back to our candidates and clients. We have regular trainings on physician specialties and the interrelationships of different physician specialties. This allows us to have a better understanding of how a physician might fit in with a future practice.

The training from our senior staff (like attendings), that is passed on to junior staff (residents/fellows) allows both senior and junior staff to improve their skill level. Many times, our junior staff learns something new in the marketplace that is passed on to the senior staff. Conversely, our senior staff can provide insights to the junior staff on things that only come with experience, like real life examples of the advantages and disadvantages of employment versus an income guarantee.

At Pacific Companies, we foster an environment of collaboration. Much like an oncology service line that has regular tumor boards, with staff from different disciplines that discuss ways to improve care. We meet weekly to discuss the candidates we are working with, trying to figure out if the position we have is the best opportunity for them, or if a different position, that we are not representing is the right one. Only through careful examination, and regular reexamination of the evidence presented to us, can we assist the candidate, and significant other, to make an informed evidence-based decision.

This process allows us to better understand your day to day challenges trying to balance your professional and personal priorities. Our recruiters at Pacific Companies understand that we will not be making a move, and drastically changing our lives. But we can put ourselves in that position and work up the different scenarios that will come up with you, before they do, to make sure you are prepared for the next step in your career.

If you have any questions on how to set your healthcare facility apart from the rest, call us any time and we will share some ideas with you.

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