Ask the Expert: Shannon Seeberan, Co-Founder of CloudMedSpas – Monetizing Medically Appropriate Space

Physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs, tune in to a must-listen episode of the Doc Lounge Podcast by Pacific Companies. Our “Ask the Expert” series continues to bring you industry leaders and innovators, and today we spotlight a unique opportunity for monetizing your practice’s space. Stacey Doyle, Senior Director of Marketing, welcomes Shannon Seeberan, Co-Founder of CloudMedSpas […]

Provider’s Perspective with Dr. Jordan Cooper, DDS, Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author of Chasing the Blue Marlin

Dr. Jordan Cooper shares his incredible journey, from the dental chair to the boardroom, offering invaluable insights on merging professional excellence with personal passions as the bestselling author of “Chasing the Blue Marlin: How to Pursue Your Life’s Passion – and Your Passion for Life.”
Also, gain insights into optimizing your dental practice team, regardless of clinical setting or location, with expert advice from Lisa Shebaro, Director of Business Development at Pacific Companies.

Ask the Expert: Dr. Jill Wade – Co-Founder of Progressive Finance for Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Jill Wade joins us on our Ask the Expert Series. She brings over 20 years of experience as a dentist turned businesswoman. As a co-founder of Progressive Finance and an advocate for financial literacy among healthcare professionals, she understands how to navigate the world of finance.
Her mission is to empower all physicians and dentists to unlock financial freedom through specialized advice tailored to those practicing. Dr. Wade’s journey from DDS to successful entrepreneur makes her the perfect person to share valuable financial tips and a holistic approach to managing your finances. Discover how to secure a prosperous future for your career and practice without the stress. Join us now as we delve into Dr. Wade’s inspiring story!

Locum Tenens Provider’s Perspective with Dr. Thomas Bey – Interventional and Neuro-Interventional Radiologist

In this episode of Provider’s Perspective, we interview Dr. Thomas Bey, an Interventional and Neuro-Interventional Radiologist who is also a locum tenens provider. Joining us is Brian Davis, the Director of Locum Tenens Recruitment at Pacific Companies.
Dr. Bey will open up about the passion that led him to pursue a career in Radiology and what makes this specialty so crucial in saving lives. Together, Dr. Bey and Brian will uncover the benefits of being a Locum Tenens provider and address common questions and misconceptions about this field. Dr. Bey will also reveal why he wishes he had started doing locum tenens work sooner in his career and how incredibly rewarding it has been for him since he began.
Don’t miss out on this fascinating conversation that sheds light on the world of Locum Tenens and the perspective of a dedicated and passionate provider like Dr. Bey.

Ask the Expert: Jennifer Krippner, Healthcare Leadership Expert on Physician Retention

Meet Jennifer Krippner, the Chief Experience Officer at The Institute for Healthcare Excellence. In this episode of Ask the Expert, she shares insider tips on improving physician retention by prioritizing human-centric leadership and emphasizing the significance of soft skills. Get ready to feel inspired as Jennifer offers practical techniques for healthcare providers and systems seeking to rediscover joy and purpose in their practice. Don’t miss out on this valuable episode!

Ask the Expert Series: Dr. Jay Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Aktiia & Hypertension Expert

Join us on this episode as we dive into the world of hypertension with Dr. Jay Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Aktiia. With this disease affecting 1 in 2 adults in America and only 20% of people worldwide having it under control, Dr. Shah will shed light on the importance of measuring, monitoring, and managing blood pressure.
Not only will Dr. Shah discuss his journey from starting his practice to becoming a Mayo Clinic consultant and now a business leader, but he’ll share the groundbreaking wearable innovations that Aktiia is developing to continuously monitor blood pressure. Don’t miss out on this informative and inspiring conversation with a true pioneer in the field of hypertension.

Ask the Expert: Mike Seyfer with Digital Marketing Strategies for Doctors

Get ready for a riveting episode of the Doc Lounge Podcast’s Ask the Expert series, featuring the renowned CEO of Hailey Sault and The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, Mike Seyfer! With his expertise in digital marketing, Mike will spill the tea on the latest, most effective marketing strategies physicians can use to boost their practices and evolve their brands. Plus, join the convo on how hospitals and health systems can rejuvenate their staff, alleviate burnout, and bring back the human touch in medicine. Don’t miss out!

The Power of Partnerships Featuring Michelle Mabray of CHI Mercy Health

On this episode, we tackle rural physician recruitment head-on as Michelle Maybray of CHI Mercy Health in Oregon joins us. Listen in to hear how partnering with a doctor recruiting agency can make a huge difference in addressing the healthcare shortage crisis nationwide, particularly in rural communities!

Providers Perspective with Dr. Susan Badidi – Family Medicine Focus

On this episode of Provider’s Perspective, we speak with Doc Lounge Podcast, Dr. Susan Badidi. Dr. Badidi walks us through her experience of becoming a Family Medicine physician. Dr. Badidi shares advice with upcoming physicians about how to navigate finding the right specialty. She also speaks to the importance of finding the right position to fit your lifestyle and achieve the right level of work-life balance. 

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