Elevate Your Physician Recruiting: Build Your Personal Brand

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s not only relevant but essential for our success as physician recruiters: building a personal brand. In the competitive landscape of physician recruiting, standing out is key. Your personal brand is what sets you apart from the crowd, it’s your unique voice, expertise, and reputation in the industry. Here’s […]

Managing Stress & Preventing Physician Burnout

The Physician Shortage and Physician Burnout The United States is currently facing a significant physician shortage attributed to various factors, including an increasing demand for healthcare services, an aging population requiring more medical attention, and a limited supply of new physicians entering the workforce. Moreover, the existing pool of physicians is further strained by overwork […]

Rural Recruitment: My Favorite Type of Recruiting

Rural Physician Recruitment

There’s just something about recruiting to a small town that I absolutely enjoy. Often we’ll travel into an international airport, in a major city, and drive hours to our final destination. The city lights start to fade in the distance as you begin your decent into the great unknown. When Google doesn’t provide any answers, […]

PC Book Review: “How Not To Die” by Dr. Michael Greger

“How Not to Die” is certainly a provocative title. On the other hand, it makes a great eye-catcher and it certainly worked to grab my attention. In How Not to Die,Dr. Michael Greger discusses the state of current research on fifteen top causes of premature death in the U.S. and explains how changes in diet and lifestyle, namely […]

Tips for a Smooth Credentialing Process

  There are a number of items that will make credentialing go much smoother, whether you are planning on going on a locum’s assignment or taking a permanent position. Take a look at the list below and brush up your documents folder before you apply next time for a smoother process for everyone: DEA for […]

Job Search Tips for Residents & Fellows

Can you believe it? You are almost there.  If you are a 2020 resident or fellow, all those years of training, sacrifice, 12+ hours days and sleepless nights are (hopefully for some of you) coming to an end! Now you face the next challenge in your professional life…. finding the right job. In todays, physician recruitment […]

Interstate Licensure for Locum Tenens

  As a doctor who is eager to embark on a locum tenens assignment or help patients, you likely don’t want to get bogged down in the time and red tape of medical licensure. Working in a new state will require more than just updating your CV and packing your suitcase. If you are interested […]

Community & Practice Profile

We were recently asked by a physician about what is a “community/practice profile” and why do we do this at Pacific Comapnies. The conducting of a community/practice profile is perhaps the single most important ingredient to our success as permanent physician recruiters.  We track our performance with each placement we make and year after year […]

Quantifying the Need of Additional Healthcare Staff

I am frequently asked by physicians, administrators and my colleagues on what is the best way to quantify the need for an additional physician. There is not a one size fits all when trying to determine the need for bringing on another physician. Many factors need to be considered and I will discuss a few […]

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