Building Your Personal Physician Brand

Of all the things that they forget to teach you in medical training, marketing is certainly one of them. More and more patients are turning to online sources to find a physician. They may look at your website, but they are also likely consulting online reviews and listings as well. Branding is more important than […]

Benefits of the Three Most Common Practice Settings

Practice Settings

New physicians just coming out of training have a large variety of different practice options to choose from. It can be very daunting for residents and fellows to figure out what setting is the best choice for them and their new career. Over the past 17 years, we at Pacific Companies have had the pleasure […]

Benefits of Rural and Urban Practice Settings

The most frequent conversation recruiters have with physicians is regarding location; discussing the differences between practicing in rural areas (cities with 50K people or less) and urban areas (cities with over 500K people). As someone who grew up in a very rural part of Washington State (Rochester has 5K people and 1 stop light) but […]

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