The clinic is on the same building as the Birthing Center, so it is very convenient to walk back and forth and is about 20-yards from the hospital. We have 12 exam rooms and onsite UltraSound, 64 Slice CT, MRI, Mammography & Radiology. In the clinic we have 4 front office staff that are responsible for checking in patients, scheduling follow-ups, verifying insurance and everything else. We also have 4 nurses that will take the patients to their rooms, check their vitals, and get them prepped for the providers.

Our OBGYNs see an average of 20-25 patients per day in the clinic, with a lot of the patients being high risk. With the underserved population that we serve there are a lot of patients that have not seen an OBGYN in several years, so being comfortable with high risk is a must.

Adventist Health also has both Internal Medicine & Family Medicine residents from UCSF rotating through, so you will have the ability to work with them daily. Most of the time it will be 3rd year residents and they will be conducting a lot of the annual check-ups and basic women’s health consults.