Position Overview

The OBGYN practice is a well-oiled machine and we have an experienced team to provide great quality of care. “This team is great, I really trust their opinions. Especially Maria, she is the best I’ve ever seen. She makes me not want to leave here, ever”, Dr. White. We are dedicated to, and on the way to having “Baby Friendly Status”, were about half way there right now, and are anticipating accomplishing this in the next year or two.

In 2017, we averaged about 110 deliveries per month, 2-4 per day, between the in-house OBGYNS (Dr. White, Dr. Dominguez & Dr. Mayhew), the FP residents and Dr. Cano, our private practice OBGYN. Our C-Section rate is around 14%.

The breakdown is:

– Hospital OBGYNs do 40%
– FP Residents do 30%, with OBGYN back-up
– Dr. Cano & the Midwife do 30%

This is a number than can easily be increased by 20-30%, once we have all 5 OBGYN’s in place. We are currently experiencing outpatient migration to Fresno (24 Miles), Clovis (30 Miles) & Visalia (28 Miles) as we don’t have the staff to provide care to everyone in the area that needs it. There are currently talks for further expansion in the birthing center, in anticipation of continued growth of this department.