7 Thanksgiving Health Tips


Thanksgiving might as well be synonymous with overeating, overindulgence, and leftovers that extend for a week. With a plan, Thanksgiving can be a festive day of good food and some treats that leave you feeling happy, healthy, and ready to move forward with your fitness goals.

All that said, Thanksgiving doesn’t mean your good nutrition habits have to suffer or go completely off track. Also, practicing gratitude mediation during the holidays can have amazing benefits. Whether the holidays are a stressful time of year, or your favorite time of year, these tips can help keep you feeling good and in balance when it comes to your mind, body and soul this Thanksgiving.

  1. Gratitude Practice: Starting your morning off with reminding yourself of all the things in your life that you are thankful for, can drastically elevate your mood, increases energy, increase optimism, and in turn improve your health and relationships.
  2. Do Not Skip Breakfast:Don’tstarve yourself all morning in preparation for the Thanksgiving feast. Some people enlist this strategy in the hopes of ‘saving’ calories for dinner, but really it will just leave you starved and more apt to overeat.
  3. Start Your Day With Exercise: Many people like to start off with an organized Turkey Trot race, but any run, or activity will get your body on the right track. Not only will you be burning calories all day, but you’ll be more likely to want to be good to your body when the table is set.
  4. Hydrate All Day: Hydrating all day has (at least) two health benefits: 1- staying hydrated will fill you up without any calories, and 2- staying hydrated will combat any salty sides that sneak onto your plate later on.
  5. Don’t Binge Eat: Don’tdecide that Thanksgiving is your one day to binge. Binging on Thanksgiving Day can leave you with a ‘hangover’ that derails your recovery efforts the next day.
  6. Drink Water in Between Alcoholic Beverages:Drinking a glass of water in between drinks can help reduce the chances of a hangover and slow down the rate in which you consume your alcoholic beverages.
  7. Eat Slow and Stick to One Appropriate Portion of All Your Favorites: Eating slow helps your body recognize that it is full. If you eat too fast your body doesn’t have time to notice it is full, so you fill yourself up with more and when the full feeling hits you, you may feel stuffed and bloated. Also, deprivation is never the way to go. Let yourself enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving foods in appropriate portion sizes–and do not go back for seconds!

The moral of the story is, the only thing that should be stuffed on Thanksgiving is the turkey! Take these 7 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving Celebration and enjoy a satisfyingly healthy and happy day!


  • Summer Gilbert | Director of Marketing | Pacific Companies Inc